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Sleek and fresh design with a clear layout

For logistic experts Widdowson Group

elegant and effective design with originality

for security company Abel

Exciting web design that engages the user

For national governing body British Judo Association

Stylish, Modern and image rich design and layout

for pioneering audio systems company Gibson Integration

Clean, contemporary design with a purpose

for Ash Scientific; forefront in chemical and biological analysis

Trendy and funky design to engage the youth

For a trusted NHS cooperation CHYPS Plus

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Importance Of Web Design

Picture this; you’re on the high street and you come across a shop with no window. Would you go in? Your answer is more than likely no. Firstly, you have no idea what they sell. Secondly, there is nothing to draw you in. Lastly, how do you know that you can trust them? A poor quality designed website is like a shop without a window.

Potential customers will not invest in your services or products, if they do not feel as if they can trust you. Impressive design reflects quality and quality leads to trust. Show you’re worthy of their trust, as trust is essential to customer spend.

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Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Imagine this; you have been running a successful shop on the high street for years. Then, out of the blue a new shop opens a couple of doors down, selling what you sell. Your shop window seems old and outdated compared to their new, bright and fresh layout. Day by day you see customers going to them and no one comes to you.

This is exactly the same in the online world. If your competitor’s website looks and functions better than yours; they will soon steal your potential and existing customers.

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Converting Leads Into Sales

Put yourself in this scenario; you step inside a clothes shop and the layout is all over the place. There are no clear sections for menswear, womenswear or childrenswear. Underwear is mixed up with pyjamas and accessories. Will you stay around and search around every corner of the shop until you find what you are looking for? Undoubtedly your answer will be no.

This is exactly the same when it comes to your website. If it is not clear to the visitor where they should click to find what they are looking for, they will more than likely try another website. It doesn’t matter how many people you drive to your website, if the layout is not clear you are wasting effort, time and money. Effective web design and a clear customer journey will help to convert leads into sales.

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How FDC Can Help

This is where we come in. We have built, developed and designed over 170 websites for our clients; all with unique requirements. Our experienced teams of in-house designers are able to apply their creative knowledge and proven skill set to a whole host of sectors. We are able to productively convert your ideas and goals to create a website from scratch. With your project left safely in our hands, a vision is formed, communicated, and fulfilled.

We are Leicester based experts in web design with over 60 years combined experience in the industry. All of our websites are bespoke and designed from scratch; we believe this is one of the reasons why we were recently admitted to the Recommended Agency Register, whilst also being listed at #66 in The Drum's Design 100 for 2013, moving up from our previous placement at #71 in 2012.

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